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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

I was chatting with a group of my lady friends and it occurred me that homes are like women. Either they have gone through "the change" or not. Unique features that are time tested and true are hardwood floors, high ceilings, tile baths, great bones/floorplan. I would put this under "home integrity".

But, at some point, to stay fresh and current, they all need to go through a "facelift" and update their style. So, here is the short list and least expensive facelifts for your home:

*Paint. Probably the single most important change! Interior colors:I love Benjamin Moore Linen White, Cottonballs and Dove White. Whites give a fresh feel to any home.

* Kitchen and Baths: Declutter and update the hardware. Painting old cabinets and installing new countertops and appliances go a long way.

*Exterior: Buyers make a decision in the first 8 minutes of looking at a home. Update the landscaping. Less is more. Again, paint colors are your best friend. Look on www.Houzz to view what is "trending" and take off from there.

If you need help, call me ! This is my expertise and I love helping my friends and neighbors.

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