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Navigating the Real Estate Maze: Guide on How to Choose the Perfect Listing Agent for Your Property

Updated: Feb 1

How to Choose the Perfect Listing Agent for Your Property
How to Choose the Perfect Listing Agent for Your Property

There are so many business models now! It is confusing for new Realtors, much less the public. So, I will try to synthesize the information so you can make a smart decision.

  • Agents can purchase leads online through Zillow, and Trulia and spend up to $12, 000 a month and /or generate all their listings from Google Ads. This is an agent that focuses on the volume of transactions, not the quality of service. They have a team of assistants that take over the transaction once listed. Many times, the brokerage fee is discounted. Of course, if you are not expecting much service, then this might be the agent you choose. But, does this get you the highest value you can obtain?

  • The full-service agent usually acts solo or with a few assistants. Most times, especially with more experienced agents, this becomes a personal relationship. This agent values the service he/she brings to her clients as well as other agents. As agents, we know who has a stellar reputation among our peers. We know we can trust them to communicate issues and work towards a quick resolution. It is service above self. These agents bring value to the transaction and to your property.

  • If an agent's sign is in the yard too long, then the home is not selling. Possibly the home has not gotten the attention needed to create a great marketing plan. Agents that have too many listings can not give a great deal of time to any one property. So, you are usually speaking with an assistant or newer agent. Look at the sales price to list price ratio for the last dozen transactions. Homes that are overpriced stay on the market longer and it becomes more work and frustration for the Seller.

  • Call Diana for more insight and an understanding of what a complete marketing program looks like for you!

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