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Updated: Jan 17, 2020

For most people, one of their most important assets is their home. Not only is it the place where we create wonderful memories, but it usually it is a large portion of our net worth. So , how do you select the person to help you get the most value from your home? Agent reviews on Zillow, Trulia, yelp, etc are important; but, what also counts is the Broker's reputation with other brokers. If the agent has a strong reputation among peers, it is because of these characteristics:

*Problem solver: every transaction has issues, so being willing to guide their client and connect with the right professionals is huge in getting to the finish line

*Great communication: Quick to respond to other pro's as well as their client

*Keeps the paperwork/agreements organized and correct so there are no legal issues

*Keeps the client informed of what to expect at each stage of the transaction so there are no


*Not afraid of conflict but is able to negotiate respectfully towards a fair and reasonable

end for all parties

*Is not afraid to "tell the truth" about the condition of the property , etc so that the property shows best

* Experience counts. Transaction volume/years in the profession means there is not much the Realtor has not run into before which translates into wise guidance for their client.

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